Depression services offered in Biltmore Corridor , Phoenix, AZ

If your depression lasts longer than two weeks or your low mood and lack of energy interfere with your daily life, it’s time to seek help from Betsy Serrano, PMHNP, at Cora Health Solutions in the Biltmore Corridor of Phoenix, Arizona. You receive understanding along with today’s most advanced treatments that lift depression even when standard medications don’t help. To learn more about your treatment options, call Cora Health Solutions or request an appointment using online booking today.


Why do I have depression?

You can become depressed for many reasons. You’re more vulnerable to depression if the condition affects others in your family. Depression is closely associated with an imbalance in one of several brain chemicals.

Depression arises in response to numerous life challenges, such as ongoing emotional abuse, major transitions like moving or losing your job, developing an illness, or the death of a loved one. Many people become depressed as they face everyday problems like bullying or a toxic work environment.

No matter what causes your depression, it is a serious condition that seldom improves without professional treatment.



What depression symptoms might I experience?

Though there are different types of depression, including the most common, major depressive disorder (MDD), they all cause similar symptoms. You may experience symptoms such as:

  • Feeling sad and hopeless
  • Losing interest in your usual activities
  • Gaining or losing weight
  • Sleeping too much or developing insomnia
  • Having extreme fatigue and little to no energy
  • Struggling to concentrate
  • Feeling like you’re moving in slow motions or the opposite (feeling agitated and restless)
  • Thinking about death or suicide

If you can’t stop thinking about suicide or you have a plan to make it happen, don’t hesitate to call 988. This suicide lifeline is always answered by someone who can help.

How is depression treated?

Your Cora Health Solutions provider helps you overcome depression by prescribing antidepressants. Before choosing one of the many different antidepressants, they may recommend GeneSight® genetic testing. This test narrows down the choices by identifying the antidepressants that work best with your metabolism.

You may combine medication with therapy. Or you could begin with talk therapy, depending on the severity of your symptoms and the cause of your depression.

Though most people improve with treatment, about 30% don’t respond to antidepressants. But don’t give up hope. 

Even if you have treatment-resistant depression, your Cora Health Solutions provider has other effective treatment options: ketamine infusions and Spravato®. 

Spravato is a form of ketamine that’s sprayed into your nose. Both treatments produce rapid results for most patients. In fact, they work so quickly that they’re recommended for major depressive disorder with suicidal thoughts or behaviors.

Don’t wait to seek help for depression that lasts two weeks or longer. Request an appointment using online booking or call Cora Health Solutions today.