Dr. Mona Amini

Medical Director in Biltmore Corridor , Phoenix, AZ

Mona Amini, MD

Dr. Mona Amini MD, MBA is a board-certified psychiatrist unlike any other. She stands as a paragon of innovation and excellence in the fields of psychiatry and mental wellness. Her contributions go beyond the traditional scope of a physician, characterized by a dynamic and pioneering approach to solving the multifaceted challenges inherent in patient care. With this, her commitment to optimal patient outcomes is matched only by her diligence in ensuring that every aspect of care is meticulously administered.

She founded her own solo, private concierge mental wellness practice that is an innovative solution to patient care – the subscription-based mental wellness model incorporating medication management, practical talk therapy, IV wellness, and lab testing all direct to the patient’s home. As an advocate for mental wellness, she leverages her position to disseminate knowledge, spearheading educational initiatives that bring critical issues to the forefront. Her mentorship of female colleagues in the healthcare sector is another testament to her commitment to fostering an inclusive and supportive professional environment.

Articulate and dedicated, Dr. Amini’s vision is one of transformative influence. Her dedication to her field is evident in her pursuit of excellence and her desire to share her knowledge. She is not only at the vanguard of her field but also poised to be recognized as a thought leader in mental wellness.

Dr. Amini is known as Not Your Typical Psychiatrist™️ for speaking engagements and social media platforms.